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January 10, 2018



NEW:    Delivering a Proven, Clean, Safe and Natural Solution for Powdery Mildew, Mold and Bacteria Problems


The Pathogen Death Wand Company LLC is proud to introduce its proven science and field-tested light energy fixture to all growers that want a Clean, Safe and Natural Grow.


What is the Pathogen Death Wand?
The Pathogen Death Wand (The Wand) is an LED light bar that emits a patented combination of wavelengths of light energy; our PDe³™, which are a part of the Sun’s spectrum, but not UV. The Wand consistently delivers natural energy that best assures a safe, clean healthier crop.


What is PDe³? Our scientifically proven and field tested, patented and patent-pending “Light Energy Science” technology that (a) can achieve healthier plant grow cycles and (b) consistently destroys your fungi/molds and bacteria. It is a Natural Control mechanism against killer infestations like Powdery Mildew and Botrytis (Grey Mold). This proven science is your ultimate grow purifier to produce clean plants, synergistic with all your current systems. PDe³ prevents pathogen infection and cleans infected cannabis.


How does the Pathogen Death Wand Perform and Work?

The Wand uses a small amount of electrical energy and transforms it into an enormous amount of electromagnetic energy that works to continuously enhance plant life and significantly reduce the pathogens you hate!

  • An additional positive attribute of the Wand is our PDe³ energy that reaches the mitochondria of the plant cell. The energy stimulates added production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) which is a building block of life. The added ATP production allows the plant to absorb more water and nutrients making it healthier. For many plants, this can stimulate growth and benefit photosynthesis. All healthier plants have improved defense systems against pathogens and pests. This energy boost remains with the plant throughout its whole life including flowering and veg stages.
  • The Wand deploys PDe³ energy that attacks and breaks down the cell walls of bacteria and fungi/mold rendering them incapable of living and reproduction. Bacteria wall thicknesses vary from one species to another, thus certain types of bacteria may take longer to kill. Spiral (Spirillum) and rod (Bacillus) shaped bacteria take longer.
  • For iron-dependent bacteria (E Coli, Listeria, etc.), energy from the Wand disables the receptors of the bacteria so that they can no longer utilize iron and they die almost immediately.
  • While viruses and insects are not affected by the Wand, its constantly applied energy increases defense mechanisms (e.g.: thicker cell walls) in healthier plants and this offers greater protection against these natural plant enemies.


Does the Wand Harm Terpenes, Cannabinoids or Flavonoids?

NO. Independent third-party laboratory testing results are available to confirm this validated fact.


Where do you use the pathogen death wand in your Grow?

For best pathogen containment and destruction results, the Wand should be installed throughout your grow; at designated distances above plants in the Mother Room, Veg Room, Flower Room and Cure Room. Our unique PDe³ light energy is safe for use from Seed to Sale.


Why Use the PDWand?
The Wand creates no residues or toxins to leave on your precious plants.

The Wand will naturally destroy fungi/molds and bacteria, resulting in significant reduction on mycotoxins. What is so remarkable about these PDe³ wavelengths is that they improve the health of your plants and, at the same time, they destroy bacteria, fungi and yeasts. A continual clean, natural grow!


The Wand is lightweight, easy to handle, hang and adjust = negligible labor; so your team can focus on the plants and maximizing yields. Each Wand comes with a pulley system for ultra easy height adjustment as your plants grow. The Wand has a very slim profile, so they work synergistically with your grow lights.


How Safe is the Wand?
The Wand is VERY safe – UV light can be harmful and is not part of the spectrum used in the Wand.


The lights are effective for at least 5 years with virtually no maintenance, a regular wipe with a moist cloth will do. Each light has a 5Year replacement warranty.


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