Detailed Product Description
100% organic Phosphoderma is an effective soil supplement composed of algae, humic acids and trichoderma. It efficiently and economically increases the absorption of phosphorus by the root system. The result is larger flowers and richer fruits at the same plant size.

Common types of trichoderm strengthen the root system, protect against harmful fungus attacks and at the same time promote the growth of the entire plant. Phospoderma, on the other hand, was developed specifically to stimulate and maximize flowers and fruits, although the development and defense of the root system is all the same. Plants will be as healthy and large as their flowers and berries will grow. Of course, Phosphoderma also protects the roots from rot, mold or disease. Advantages are also easy to use, granules are slightly soluble in water or filler (recommended amount of 1 gram per liter of water). Phosphoderma is not a fertilizer (N-P-K: 0-0-0) and does not affect EC values.